VA Still Got the Blues Collection Vol 1 (2014)


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    VA Still Got the Blues Collection Vol 1 (2014)

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    VA Still Got the Blues (2014) | Album Them Menz | 1,67 GB | 151 Files | 12:41:15 hrs | MP3 160-320 CBR/VBR

    01 Aaron Neville Tell It Like It Is
    02 Aaron Williams The Hoodoo My Turn
    03 Adam Brand Wasted Day
    04 Adrian Niles Band Recovery Blues
    05 Al Basile House Key Blues
    06 Alan Clark Change of Heart Urgent
    07 Alan Prince The Electric Blues Company Good Time
    08 Alan Silvestri Why Dont You Do Right
    09 Alannah Myles Everybodys Breahing Up
    10 Albert Collins Lights Are On But Nobodys Home
    11 Albert Collins Things I Used To Do
    12 Albert King Ill Play The Blues For You
    13 Albert King Ill Play The Blues For You
    14 Albert King Red House
    15 Alvin Lee Real Life Blues
    16 Alyosha What Love Can Be
    17 Ana Popovic Nothing Personal.
    18 Ana Popovic Sexiest Man Alive
    19 Ana Popovic U Complete Me
    20 Anni Piper Chi Sau
    21 Anni Piper Untrue
    22 Anthony Gomes Darkest Before The Dawn
    23 Arthur Neilson All The Angels In The Sky
    24 Aurea Busy (For Me)
    25 B B King Three OClock Blues
    26 B.B King The Thrill Is Gone
    27 B.B King Van Morrison If You Love Me
    28 Barbara Morrison Dont Touch Me
    29 Barry Darnell Tore My Heart
    30 Bather Smith Play The Blues In Paris
    31 Beth Hart Am I The One
    32 Beth Hart Caught Out In the Rain
    33 Beth Hart Your Heart Is As Black As Night
    34 Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa Aint No Way
    35 Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa Dont Explain
    36 Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa Id Rather Go Blind
    37 Beth Hart Joe Bonamassa Ill Take Care Of You
    38 Beth Hart Neal Schon I Wanna Know You
    39 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Maddest Kind Of Love
    40 Big Blind Natural High
    41 Big Ed Sullivan Dont Wanna Sleep
    42 Big Ed Sullivan Good Morning
    43 Big Ed Sullivan Lost In The Blues
    44 Big George And The Business Roses Home
    45 Big Gilson Ricardo Werther Panos e Planos
    46 Bihlman Brothers The Hand That Loves
    47 Bill Perry In My Lonely Room
    48 Bill Wyman The Rhythm Kings Bad To Be Alone
    49 Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings Just For A Thrill
    50 Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings
    51 Billy C Farlow Magnolia Darlin
    52 Billy D The Hoodoos Whyya Do It
    53 Black Cat Bone Mick Taylor Aint That I Dont Love You
    54 Blindside Blues Band Truth Never Lies
    55 Blue By Nature Love Me All Night
    56 Blue Plate Special No Place To Fade
    57 Blue Plate Special Unclain My Heart
    58 Blue Plate Special Never Too Late
    59 Bluebirds 3rd house on the left
    60 Blue Stew Bringing Home The Blues
    61 Blues Company Crippled Mind
    62 Blues Company Silent Night
    63 Blues Cousins Im Drowning On Dry Land
    64 Blues Cousins Ive Got My Mojo Warking
    65 Blues Cousins Nobody Knows.
    66 Blues Cousins The Dream
    67 Blues Cousins The Personal Manager.
    68 Blues Cousins The Thrill Is Gone
    69 Blues Delight I Know Your Love Is Gone
    70 Blues Delight Slightly Hung Over
    71 Blues Dragon Loves Fool
    72 Blues Experience n Showers Of Rain
    73 Blues Mobile Band Reaching Out
    74 Blues Underground St James Infirmary
    75 Blues Mobile Band Shes Gone
    76 Blues On First The Thrill Is Gone
    77 Bluesball Her Memory
    78 Bluesball What Has Changed
    79 Bluesville Station No Time Blues
    80 Bo Diddley Before You Accuse Me
    81 Bob Walsh Stormy Monday Blues
    82 Bobby Mack Heart Of Lonely Man
    83 Bobby Mack Night Train Only Getting Second Best
    84 Bondi Cigars Let Me Rubber Glove You
    85 Bonet Blues en Sol
    86 Bonnie Tyler Bad Dreams
    87 Bono Jool Holland Rhytm Blues Orchestra If You Wear That Velvet Dress
    88 Boule Noire Love Me Please Love Me
    89 Buddy Guy Cry And Sing The Blues
    90 Brett Ellis Band Empty Bottle
    91 Brother Magnum The Razor Bumps Addicted To You
    92 Brother Magnum The Razor Bumps King
    93 Bryan Lee Doggin Down Blues
    94 Buck 69 Cold Wind
    95 Buck 69 Someone Like Me
    96 Buddy Whittington Minor Blues
    97 C.J Chenier Clap Hands
    98 C.J Chenier Louisiana Down Home Blues
    99 C.J.Chenier the red hot louisiana band Richest Man
    100 Calvin Russell So Blue (About You)
    101 Candye Kane Please Tell Me a Lie
    102 Carey Bell Lonesome Stranger
    103 Carice Van Houten Broken Shells
    104 Carl Verheyen Diamonds
    105 Cee Cee James Wounds
    106 Carl Weathersby Somebody Help Me
    107 Carolina Keep Me in Your Mind
    108 Celeste Carballo Mi Ultimo Blues
    109 Charles Brown Driftin Blues
    110 Charles Brown These Blues
    111 Charles Davis A Minor Thing (Feat Roberta Donnay)
    112 Charles Davis Trudy Lynn Still Got The Blues
    113 Charles Walker Dont Let Me Down
    114 Charlie Lankester The Mojo Killers Drink My Blues Away
    115 Charlie Lankester The Mojo Killers Rio Grande
    116 Cher Its A Mans Mans Mans World
    117 Chicago Aloha Mama
    118 Chicken Shack The House That Love Lives In
    119 Chimene Badi Le blues
    120 Chris Aaron Band Shake Your Soul
    121 Chris Beard The Girl Is Ready
    122 Chris Bell Elevator To Heaven
    123 Chris Bell 100% Blues Cold-Gearted Woman
    124 Chris Cain Do You Call That A Buddy
    125 Chris Farlowe Summertime
    126 Chris Farlowe The Woman Or The Blues
    127 Chris Farlowe Tough On Me Tough On You
    128 Claudia Bettinaglio Clap hands
    129 Claudia Bettinaglio Invitation to the blues
    130 Coen Wolters Band Ain t No Way
    131 Colin James Far Away Like A Radio
    132 Colin James Standin On The Edge
    133 Colin James Tin Pan Alley
    134 Coyote Kings Black Eyed Voodoo Child
    135 Coyote Kings Only Love I know
    136 Cuby The Blizzards Low Country Blues
    137 Craig Erickson (Feat Rob Lamothe) Broke Down Love
    138 Craig Erickson No Reply
    139 Cyndi Lauper How Blue Can You Get (feat Jonny Lang)
    140 Cyndi Lauper Just Your Fool (feat Charlie Musselwhite)
    141 Cyndi Lauper Romance in the Dark
    142 Cyndi Lauper Shattered Dreams (feat Allen Toussaint)
    143 Cyril Neville Ill Take Care of You
    144 Dalannah Gail Bowen Youre Not There
    145 Dan Lawson Band Miss Me
    146 Dana Gilespie Where Blues Begins
    147 Dana Gillespie Whos Got The Blues To Blame
    148 Dani Wilde I Love You More Han I Hate Myself
    149 Dani Wilde Whos Loving You
    150 Danny Masters As The Years Go Passing By
    151 Dave Keller The Things We Have To Do



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