VA Still Got the Blues Collection vol 2 (2014)


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    VA Still Got the Blues Collection vol 2 (2014)

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    VA Still Got the Blues vol.2 (2014) | Album Blues Hunter | 1,88 GB | 176 Files | 14:11:01 hrs | MP3 254-320 CBR/VBR

    01 Greg Poulos Midnight Sun
    02 Dave Keller The Things We Have To Do
    03 Imelda May Big Bad Handsome Man
    04 James Solberg Champaign Dreams
    05 Hellhound Junkies Ravenswire
    06 Gugun Power Trio Holding On
    07 Gabriella Cilmi Sit in the blues
    08 Fiona Boyes Do You Feel Better
    09 Eddie Turner Confessions
    10 Ian Moss Let s All Get Togethe
    11 Craig Erickson No Reply
    12 Jason Ricci And New Blood Broken Toy
    13 Dana Gillespie Whos Got The Blues To Blame
    14 Dire Straits Fade to Black
    15 James Solberg L.A Blues
    16 Doug Jenson The Feel Kings The Ache
    17 Don Dixon Young Love (feat Dip Ferrell and the Truetones)
    18 Richard Hawley Ladys Bridge
    19 Deborah Coleman Missin You
    20 Gregg Wright Brick By Brick
    21 Freddie King Only Getting Second Best
    22 Don Dixon Ive Had Enough
    23 Candye Kane Throw It In The Trash Can Love
    24 Big Ed Sullivan Dark side of midnight
    25 Floyd Lee Mean Blues
    26 Garry Jones I Wanna Be Your Man
    27 Dani Wilde I Love You More Han I Hate Myself
    28 Grand Funk This is A Mans World
    29 Eric Clapton River Of Tears
    30 GARY BROOKER Give me something
    31 Poor Man Poor Man
    32 Dona Oxford Red, White Blues
    33 Arthur Neilson So Many Ways
    34 Gary B.B Coleman The Sky is Crying
    35 Dana Gilespie Where Blues Begins
    36 Chris Michie Sweet Disposition
    37 Hadda Brooks Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
    39 Blue Stew To Satisfy You
    40 Greg Poulos When The Tears Finally Come
    41 Denny Jiosa europa (remix)
    42 Deborah Coleman My Love Belongs To You
    43 Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters Miracle
    44 Fast Eddys Blue Band Its My Own Fault
    45 Dave Fields You Dont Know
    46 J Sintoni Love Should Never Lose
    47 Cyndi Lauper Just Your Fool (feat Charlie Musselwhite)
    48 Gregg Wright A House Divided
    49 Ian Moss Pretty Face
    50 George Terry Dont Ask Me
    51 Gene Deer Livin With The Blues
    52 Coyote Kings Down With The Blues
    53 Dalannah Gail Bowen Youre Not There
    54 Heavy Blues Chevy Heavy Blues Chevy
    55 Fiona Boyes Got My Eye On You
    56 Deborah Coleman My Love Belongs To You
    57 Dave Meniketti Mans World | Mans World
    58 Burton Gaar The Mud Kats Home Of The Blues
    59 Earl Green From Me to You
    60 Felix Cabrera Lovin Cup
    61 Dr Hector Safe In Your Arms Again
    62 Dan Lawson Band Miss Me
    63 Craig Erickson (Feat Rob Lamothe) Broke Down Love
    64 Blue Stew Missing You
    65 Elvin Bishop Dont You Lie To Me
    66 Glenn Kaiser The Return
    67 Earl Green From Me to You
    68 Alvin Lee The blues best
    69 Frank Goldwasser with The Alastair Greene Band Sleepwalk
    70 Dave Kelly Band Leaving
    71 Isaac Scott Help
    72 Diana Durret Side Squeeze
    73 Diane Schuur Someone To Love
    74 Cyndi Lauper How Blue Can You Get (feat Jonny Lang)
    75 Blue Stew Big Dance Woman
    76 Janis Joplin One Good Man
    77 Jeff Jolly Long Distance Love
    78 George Fame Georgia On My Mind
    79 Henrik Freischlader Band Wont You Help Me
    80 Ingrid Lucia The Flying Neutrinos Swimming Poo Blue
    81 Blue Stew Dont You Want A Man Like Me
    82 Guitar Jack Private Tears
    83 The Gregg Allman Band It Aint No Use
    84 Greg Guitarska I Want Your Love
    85 De Luxe Blues Band You Are My Best Poker Hand
    86 Janata Mrs Gray
    87 Guitar Jack Sweet Music
    88 Dr Bendix Misery Love
    89 Hank Davison Band Gamblers Roll
    90 Denise Reis Miss Celies Blues
    91 Glenn Proudfoot Father
    92 Etta James Id Rather Go Blind
    93 Bugs Henderson Anthem For The Blues
    94 Greenhouze Train Song
    95 Jason Ricci New Blood The Way I Hurt Myself
    96 Ian Siegal I Cant Believe You Wanna Leave
    97 Harriet Lewis Gregor Hilden Band Sunday Kind of Love
    98 Fred James The Strength To Be Alone
    99 Earl Gaines Oh Darling
    100 Eva Cassidy Blues In The Night
    101 Florence Rawlings Hard To Get
    102 Cold Blue Steel Month Of Sundays
    103 Hoosier Blues Aint No Good In Goodbye
    104 Gene Deer Dream
    105 Cyril Neville Ill Take Care of You
    106 Chris Cornell Climbing Up The Walls
    107 Cyndi Lauper Romance in the Dark
    108 Glenn Hughes So Much Love To Give
    109 Alex Nester I Love You More than Youll Ever Know
    110 Geoff Achison Me and My Baby
    111 Guitar Jack Angel of Mercy
    112 East Blues Experience Carey Bell The Sky Is Crying
    113 Blue Stew Nobodys There
    114 Elvin Bishop Devils Slide
    115 Guitar Peter Do You Hear The Rain
    116 Dave Dangelico Ice Blue Dream
    117 Barbara Carr Uvee Hayes The Heart You Break (Barbara Carr)
    118 Frankie Miller Jealousy
    119 Beefeaters You Changed My Way Of Living
    120 Without you David Denny
    121 Big Ed Sullivan Black cat woman
    122 Blues On First The Thrill Is Gone
    123 James Solberg Ballad Of A Thin Man
    124 Delta Moon Get Gone
    125 David Zaffiro Silas and Serai
    126 Big George And The Business I Gotta Tell You
    127 Blue Baron Im The Fool
    128 Build You A Castle Build You A Castle
    129 Hal Lindes Aphrodite
    130 Fleetwood Mac Black magic woman
    131 Dave Kelly Band to love somebody
    132 Gene Deer Cant Afford to Pay The Rent
    133 Hanne Boel If You Want My Body
    134 Metropolitan Blues All-Stars Storm Comin Thru
    135 Henrik Freischlader The Memory Of Our Love
    136 Fast Eddys Blue Band Bring It On Home
    137 Denny Jiosa europa
    138 Romantic Melodies Dana Gilespie Where Blues Begins
    139 Igor Prado Band I Got Loaded
    140 Guitar Peter Do You Hear The Rain
    141 Don Henley Miss Ghost
    142 Dave Steffan Band Give Me A Thril
    143 Imelda May Its Your Voodoo Workin
    144 James Cotton High Compression
    145 Cyndi Lauper Shattered Dreams (feat Allen Toussaint)
    146 Ian Parker Love So Cold
    147 Dave Nevling Sancho
    148 James Cotton Blues Band Blues In My Sleep
    149 Engerling Holl-Blues
    150 Guitar Jack Cant Shake These Blues
    151 Don Ray Band Good Bad Boy
    152 Dave Meniketti Until the next time
    153 E.G Kight , Sunday
    154 J.P.Stingray Lonesome Road
    155 Dr Wu Friends Stop Your Lyin
    156 Elvin Bishop Doo Wop Medley
    157 German Blues Project, The Same Old Blues
    158 Deborah Coleman Roll With Me
    159 Big Ed Sullivan Rock a bye Babe
    160 Hubert Sumlin Still Playing The Blue
    161 Dave Peverett, Harvey Brooks, Mo Potts, Rod Price, Southside Johnny, Tommy Mandel Love That Burns
    162 Eric Clapton Double Trouble
    163 Guitar Jack In The Wee Wee Hours
    164 J.P.Stingray Lonesome Road
    165 Les Grandes Voix du Blues Etta James All I Could Do Is Cry
    166 Flora Purim Sweet Baby Blues
    167 Innes Sbun As The Years Go Passing By
    168 Dani Wilde Whos Loving You
    169 Danny Masters As The Years Go Passing By
    170 Freddie King Only getting second best
    171 Faith No More Evidence
    172 Dave Kelly Band It hurts me too
    173 Jace Everett God Made You Mean
    174 Gene Deer I Want Out
    175 Doobie Twisters Bad Seed
    176 Henrik Freischlader Band Lonely World



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